Natural Treats for Your Chickens

Lucky Chicken was designed as a healthier alternative than feeding plain scratch.

We love our chickens, let’s feed them like we do!

6 Grains

Whole Wheat, Cracked Corn (non-GMO), Whole Milo, Whole Oats, Whole Barley

Meal Worms

High in Protein

Calendula Petals

For creamy yellow yolks


High in vitamins A, C, E, K, B6, Iron, Calcium, and Beta Carotene. Contains more protein than Spinach!

Flax Seed

Improves the quality of the good cholesterol in the egg.



Feeding Directions:

Lucky Chicken is designed to feed as a treat not as a sole ration. Do NOT feed moldy or infested feed ~ always provide Fresh Water!